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Laying out your course for advertising success

For many organizations, the campaign planning process can become a challenging endeavor. Maybe your organization has had ideas in the past with no idea of how to make them happen, or maybe your organization has tried an idea in the past that eventually failed. Matchbook takes the guesswork out of advertising campaign planning by approaching marketing and communications plans from every angle. By using a smart, comprehensive approach, we make sure that every angle of your campaign is fully considered before it launches. The result? Better targeting, better response and a bigger impact.

On your mark

When developing your campaign, we conduct a strategic analysis of the audiences that your organization is considering – as well as the ones you may have overlooked. We identify the who, what, when and where for your strategic messaging to ensure that your brand is placed in the right format, the right area and right in front of the people who need to see it the most.

Get set(s)

Throughout the campaign planning process, we identify the key metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators) that will provide measures of success throughout every facet of your campaign. By considering these factors ahead of time, we build in opportunities to change course if predictions, results or expectations change, providing you with a smart, agile campaign that offsets risk and provides multiple paths to success. Additionally, Matchbook provides regular reporting and tracking of these sets of key metrics in the form of custom reports, keeping you consistently informed of the progress of your campaign.

Generating the right exposure

Context and timing matters when it comes to identifying message, timing and placement.

Multiple opportunities for exposure

Representing more than just a medium, direct marketing’s creative and messaging opportunities have the potential to create compelling connections that deter audiences from tossing a piece of mail in the garbage, deleting a text or email or clicking away from a website landing page. Our direct marketing philosophy captivates audiences in ways that promote action without delivering mundane selling messages or falling into common trends and stigmas that affect direct marketing pieces in the eyes of the consumer.

Marketing in new directions

Direct marketing has evolved far beyond occasional mail drops and direct mail. With the growing global accessibility of mobile devices and heightened online activity, direct marketing is an important consideration for reaching multiple targets and interests effectively. We’re constantly aware of emerging trends in direct marketing methods and possess a deep understanding of the uses and effectiveness of each new option in the market. This knowledge, combined with an ever-expanding understanding of user behavior, the tactics we implement are designed to push results forward. By developing a thorough understanding of the target audience, we can identify an action plan for outreach that accomplishes the goals of your direct marketing campaign.